diac and triac difference

In TRIAC, 2 SCRs will be connected in inverse with parallel combination, and gate terminal as common. The construction of DIAC is similar when two diodes are connected in anti-parallel. //--> It is placed in series with the load connected across the mains. Used in speed control of the universal motor. It is a parallel inverse combination of semiconductor layers that permits triggering in either direction. Triacs are popularly used as a solid-state replacement of relay for switching high power AC loads. Large AC Loads with Opto Triac and Triac Hardware - Particle. The forward and reverse characteristics of TRIAC are similar to the forward characteristics of SCR device. Stands for Triode for alternating current. SCR can be also called us thyristor or thyroid transistor. Your email address will not be published. [CDATA[// >


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